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Letter: Constitutional Misinterpretation

To the Editor:

Mr. Gray’s letter regarding the Second Amendment in Nov. 29 Valley News made the same mistake of misinterpreting the Constitution as Supreme Court justices, the NRA and many politicians.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment to fight in the future the invading British Army from Canada, with the help of armed militia. If the Founding Fathers wanted to arm every American with a gun, they would have written the Second Amendment as follows: “ Every American will have the right to bear arms.” They would not have talked about armed militia to protect the young country.

Instead, our country is armed to the teeth, causing carnage in our streets, our places of worship, shopping centers, movie theaters, and schools. We already have a well armed militia (the U. S. Army) to defend our freedom, and we don’t need any more guns.

Sikhar N. Banerjee

New London


Letter: The Right to Guns

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To the Editor: The column by Fred Hiatt of The Washington Post (“Searching for the Tipping Point that Will Allow Gun Control”) goes straight to the question of how we are to get gun control. He reviews several other political arenas and looks at the “focused, passionate, unyielding and indefatigable” methods used in the fights for the legalization of marijuana, …