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Published: 04-19-2024 3:29 PM

Modified: 04-22-2024 4:54 PM

The Valley News is creating a Reader Advisory Board in an effort to connect dedicated readers and community-minded individuals with our newsroom to talk about our coverage of the Upper Valley.

If you’re active in the community, have an interest in local journalism and want to learn more about the work that goes in our newsroom, you are encouraged to apply.

To be eligible, you need to live, work or go to school in a town or city in the Valley News’ coverage area, generally speaking from Newbury, Vt., to Charlestown and Randolph to New London.

Apply via our online form at The deadline to apply is May 15.

Here’s what to expect as aReader Advisory Board member

Those who are selected are committing to a two-year term that will begin this summer and continue into 2026.

The Advisory Board will meet quarterly with Valley News editors, reporters and photographers to provide feedback on different aspects of our coverage. Discussion and an exchange of ideas are at the heart of this program. Because this is a new effort, we will rely on our board members to give their input on changes and improvements for the board initiative.

Board members are intended to serve as liaisons with the broader Upper Valley community. As such, biographies of Advisory Board members will appear on our website, and readers will be invited to reach out to board members with questions and ideas.

Perhaps the most significant commitment we ask of Reader Advisory Board members is to regularly visit our website and/or read our print edition. We will rely on our board members to provide important feedback about what we are covering, and what we aren’t. We’re committed to including diverse voices from our community in everything we do at the Valley News, and the Reader Advisory Board is a great opportunity for us to learn about the Upper Valley.

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As a board member, you must be able to respect diverse opinions. We want board members who are passionate about the Upper Valley, ready to share their opinions and expertise while also being open and able to listen — to consider other viewpoints and talk about them. The Reader Advisory Board is a space for conversation and exchange.

How will the boardmembers be selected?

Our selection committee will evaluate applications on criteria that include the applicants’ connection to the Upper Valley. The committee will choose 9 to 11 board members with a mandate to include a broad range of perspectives. The final number of board members will likely be determined once we know the total number of applicants.

We will announce the new board members on June 1, and will hold an organizational meeting in June.

To avoid conflicts of interest, those who currently hold elected positions in federal, state, county or local governments and those with careers in public relations or communications focused on the Upper Valley will not be considered.

Please send any questions to