Letter: The Authors of This Catastrophe

To the Editor:

Let’s see. The president argued with the Republican leadership in a televised meeting on Feb. 25, 2010, and admitted that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance policies under his proposed health care law. He followed that with three years of lying repeatedly to the American people, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has also assured New Hampshire voters that “everyone will have the freedom to keep their health care plan if they like it.” She and every other Democratic senator voted against Sen. Mike Enzi’s September 2010 resolution to amend federal regulations enforcing the clause that is forcing the cancellation of millions of policies.

On Nov. 14, the president announced that he would allow people to revert to their old policies for a year if they so desired. This would conveniently carry them past the mid-term elections — if the states and the insurance companies agree to reverse the policies they have been working on for three years to come into compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, the man who allegedly taught constitutional law for years ignored the fact that the president doesn’t have the constitutional authority to issue this little diktat. Congress passes laws, and Congress changes laws. Once again, he is wearing the cloak of a tin dictator.

Shaheen, on the other hand, seeing the catastrophe she and her fellow Democrats have forced on the American people and having voted for it without having read the bill, is now ignoring her vote for the Affordable Care Act and her vote against Enzi’s attempt to fix it three years ago. Now, she and the other Democrats are essentially saying, “Woe is me. How could this have ever happened? We have to delay parts of the law that are causing problems.” She is looking out, not for her constituents, but for her political hide.

Maybe 2014 is the year to rid Congress of the professional politicians.

John R. Lohmann