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Letter: Call Out the Liars

To the Editor:

My first reaction to the Glenn McCoy cartoon you published on Oct. 7 was disgust. The cartoon depicted President Obama as a Hitleresque figure giving a Nazi salute, while all the media followed suit with a banner to Obamacare in the background.

This is typical of opposition to this health care reform: desperate, based on lies instead of reasoned arguments, and trying to scare the uninformed. The irony is that the Affordable Care Act was passed through the normal channels by which we make laws in the United States and was upheld by the Supreme Court, while the right-wing extremists are trying to change the law by circumventing or subverting the process. The moderate voices within the Republican Party are bullied into silence by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and McCoy. Which side is acting more dictatorial?

If the Valley News wants to contribute to the political debate, perhaps instead of printing inflammatory cartoons, it should consider fact-checking the claims of both sides and calling out liars when they find them, on either side. If the media would print, “Mr. Politician said this, which is a lie,” every time someone strayed from the truth, our politicians would soon become more careful.

Rob Anderegg



Editorial Cartoon

Monday, October 7, 2013