Letter: Support the Main Street Museum

To the Editor:

A big thanks to Alex Hanson for his excellent article on the Main Street Museum in White River Junction (“Taking Center Stage,” Aug. 22). The museum’s Kickstarter campaign, launched last weekend, became a Kickstarter staff pick and has already reached over 70 percent of its initial goal in just a few days. But there are other “reach” goals that will significantly improve things at the museum. I invite everyone to check out www.kickstarter.com and help support this treasure of a small museum!

Susanne Abetti

White River Junction


Art Notes: Main Street Stage Project Is Front and Center

Monday, August 19, 2013

When the Main Street Museum moved into the former White River Junction firehouse it still occupies, founder David Fairbanks Ford built a small stage. The museum had hosted performances and lectures in its previous locations, in Hartford Village and in the former Lena’s Lunch in White River, but the new stage in the firehouse quickly turned into a magnet for …