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Letter: Windsor County Residents Ignored

To the Editor:

Gov. Peter Shumlin recently appointed Michael Kainen to fill the rest of Robert Sand’s term as state’s attorney for Windsor County. Congratulations to Kainen on his appointment.

I would like to take a look at how this process happened. Two names were submitted to the Windsor County Democratic Committee, which were then sent to the governor’s office. I do not know if there were any recommendations sent along with the two names. It is my understanding that the two names submitted were Kainen and David Cahill.

Approximately 100 signatures from Windsor County law enforcement officers were submitted in support of Cahill, who is a deputy state’s attorney for Windsor County. I personally wrote a letter to Shumlin and signed the petition in support of Cahill. In addition, I contacted local representatives from Springfield to express my support of Cahill.

Sen. John Campbell, who is Senate president pro tempore, promoted Kainen. I personally witnessed it. I am sure Campbell had Gov. Peter Shumlin’s ear when he was making his decision.

The point is this: Not one representative or senator reached out to law enforcement or invited law enforcement officials to the Democratic Committee to find out which candidate they would support. Who better knows the function of the state’s attorney’s office than the ones submitting cases for prosecution?

This was an opportunity for the prosecution philosophy to change for the betterment of victims and witnesses of Windsor County. It remains to be seen if this will happen under Kainen, but it most definitely would have happened under Cahill, as demonstrated by his past performance.

Now, don’t we elect and pay our representatives and senators to represent the citizens of Windsor County, whether or not they agree with citizens’ wishes? They didn’t listen to the people and neither did Shumlin. This appointment was most definitely a political appointment made by the Montpelier crowd that took no account of what Windsor County citizens wanted. This is just something to remember and consider when you go to the polls in the next election.

Douglas S. Johnston

Chief, Springfield Police


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Thursday, March 28, 2013

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the letter from Springfield Police Chief Douglas Johnston (“Windsor County Residents Ignored,” March 24). In it, he denounces Windsor County state representatives and state Sen. John Campbell for not representing his and other law officers’ preferences for the appointment of a replacement for Windsor County State’s Attorney Bobby Sand. The process …