Letter: A Guys Club at ‘Valley News’

To the Editor:

... and to Daniel, Jim, Martin, Richard, Bob and James. When I see your names on the Valley News masthead each morning, I wonder: Why aren’t there any women in leadership roles at the Valley News? How is this possible in a community that’s so full of smart, talented, creative, articulate, hard-working and well-educated women? Over 50 percent of the people in our community are women. How can the Valley News claim to be a fair and balanced representative when women don’t have an equal voice? From a purely business perspective, have you ever wondered what you might be missing? Did you know that we women have good incomes, and money to spend, too? Come on, guys! Even the Augusta National Golf Club has admitted women. Doesn’t that challenge your competitive spirit? I’ve got my eye on that list of names, wondering when you’re going to join the 21st century.

Elizabeth Howard