Letter: A Safer Way to Keep Guns

To the Editor:

To allow for the effective management of guns, I would suggest:

Gun ownership (of specific, safe guns) be legal providing that all guns are stored in a community gun closet. An owner wanting to use a gun could check it out and set a return date. A fee similar to the one for car registration would be charged.

Managers of the gun closet would have access to any public records that would enable careful scrutiny of people checking out guns. The managers might have training in public health evaluation in the event they suspected a gun owner was troubled. In addition, there might be a campaign to educate people in how to defend themselves in their homes with locked doors, fire extinguishers and, if absolutely necessary, spray guns, rather than relying on firearms.

Supporters of the Second Amendment might be invited to acknowledge that guns in existence when that was passed were a far cry from those in public hands today.

Bottom line: Life exists safely without guns — more so than with them.

Peregrine Spiegel