Thanks From the Grace Family

To the Editor:

The Grace family would like to thank everyone in the Upper Valley as well as other surrounding communities for all their support these past months (“Cornish Couple Seriously Injured in Fla. Crash Return Home,” May 30). It has been one long, uncertain road, and we’re just so grateful this trying time has turned out so positively.

We know from all of your cards and messages that this tragedy has had a profound effect not just on us, but on all of you as well. It has opened up our eyes to just how lucky we are to have each other. It is absolutely so humbling to know how much love there is in this community. Some of you we know, and some of you we’ve never met, but you were all there for us during a very difficult time. Many of you prayed for our family in your churches, lit candles every night praying for healing and for that you will always be our friends.

We want you all to know that we read and appreciated everyone’s thoughts, prayers, and well wishes during this devastating time. There were times when we received discouraging news, and we ourselves had a hard time keeping the faith.

We couldn’t have gotten through this event without you all. It was your uplifting spirits, strength, words of encouragement, personal testimonies, faith, love and prayers that consoled us and gave us the faith to stay positive.

We’re happy to report that both mom and dad are back here in New Hampshire with us. Both are still being treated for their injuries, but they are home and are making tremendous progress every day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we thank you, God.

We will be hosting an appreciation coffee and doughnut get together this morning at the Cornish Town Hall, from 9 to 11:30. Please join us if you are able to. We would love to see and thank everyone in person.

Angela Grace

For the Grace Family


Stay Off the Tracks

To the Editor:

On the front page recently, there was an article about trespassing on railroad tracks (“Police Target Trespassers; Hartford Residents Look for a Way Around Railroad Properties,” May 27).

Last week, my dad and I went to pick up my brother at the Windsor station, and there were three people on the tracks. One was about 3 years old, and they were on the tracks 10 minutes before the train was due to come in. They were past the yellow lane (the safety zone) playing with rocks in the middle of the tracks! My dad told them that the train was coming and that they were past the yellow line. They said that it was fine because there was plenty of time before the arrival time posted on the side of the station.

A train’s time can change on a dime. Even if a train is on time, it is never safe to go on the tracks, whether or not there’s a “No Trespassing” sign. My dad told them three times, and then they finally got off the tracks. The train came, we picked up my brother and we left. I turned around in my seat, looked back, and they were back on the tracks.

People can go around fences. A fence is only a good idea if you’d like to put up 300 miles of it. Trespassing is illegal. That’s why the police are keeping an eye out.

Virginia Drye


Signs of the Times

To the Editor:

As a child in the late ’60s, a time noted for protest, I often saw a sign at the end of highway construction areas that read, “End Road Construction” and thought that it was just another protest like “Ban the Bomb” and “End the War Now.” Today, nearly half a century later, I see the same sign and can’t help but see it as a plank in the Republican/Tea Party platform.

Skip Chalker

White River Junction

Greed and the Super Rich

To the Editor:

A brief thought about the world’s condition and possibly some things that can be done about it.

No one needs more than they need to live a comfortable life. If we could just get rid of the two-legged bags of greed, everyone could, and would, have a comfortable life. This probably won’t happen, because the “greedbags” have too tight a grip on the world. Greedy in politics, greedy in economics and greedy about our leisure.

Please, do all you can to eliminate corporate greed. Don’t buy their products. Urge government to tax them many times what they are being taxed now (often it is next to nothing). Finally, make it a criminal offense to be rich.

OK, everyone hop on the eliminate the “super rich” wagon, and let’s go!

Robert Daubenspeck

White River Junction