Letter: Hanoverians Must Get Out and Vote

To the Editor:

This is directed to my friends and neighbors in Hanover who support Mike Cryans in the, special election for District 1 Executive Councilor on Tuesday. Unlike most towns in District 1, Hanover will not be holding its Town Meeting or voting on town or school district budgets on March 11. The sole question on Hanover’s March 11 ballot will be choosing the District 1 executive councilor. Since the residents of the other towns in the district will be having Town Meetings and will be voting on town and school district budgets, they will have multiple reasons to come out and vote. Hanover will have only one. This situation could lead to Hanover being substantially under-represented in this crucial election. A couple of numbers: This past Tuesday, March 4, the turnout for the Hanover School District elections was just shy of 800. In 2012 (presidential year), the total number of Hanover voters in the District 1 Executive Council election was 5,997. In 2010 (off-year), it was 4,051. It is probably unrealistic to hope that we could reach even the 2010 turnout. My fear is that Hanover’s turnout could be closer to last Tuesday’s numbers than to those of 2010 or 2012. Mike Cryans, clearly the best-qualified successor to his friend Ray Burton, deserves better from us. Please urge your friends and neighbors to come out and vote for Mike.

John Chamberlin