Thetford Town Meeting 2013 Results


Number of Voters: 2,161

Number on Checklist: 612

Town Moderator: Mark McMahon

Town Clerk: Tracy Borst

Selectboard 3 yrs: Stuart Rogers

Selectboard 2 yrs: Mike Pomeroy

Town Agent for Real Estate: Pending

Town Agent: Pending

Cemetery Commissioner 3 yrs: Mark McMahon

Cemetery Commissioner 2 yrs: Betty Waterman

Grand Juror: Pending

Lister: Janet E. Stowell

Latham Library Trustee: Elizabeth W. Fernandez

Trustee of Trust Funds: J. Rick Hoffman


Ex-Road Foreman Narrowly Loses Selectboard Campaign in Thetford

Monday, March 4, 2013

Thetford — A write-in Selectboard campaign by former road foreman Doug Stone was defeated by a single vote yesterday, with Selectman Mike Pomeroy fending off the challenge, 272-271. Pomeroy said last night that he had heard about the write-in campaign, but had “no idea” why he was challenged by Stone, who unexpectedly resigned from his former post in late May …