Letter: Better Security at Schools

To the Editor:

With regards to preparing schools to respond to a shooting, Vermont State Police Capt. Rob Evans said, “I’m not sure there’s much more that we can do” (“Police Say No Change in Protocol,” Dec. 18). That may be so, but I’m just wondering why we can’t install security systems on schools, like the ones we install on homes. If Sandy Hook Elementary had had a security system, when Adam Lanza broke the glass, the alarm would have instantly sounded. Probably, he would have fled. If not, authorities would have been there in less than five minutes. Everyone in the school would have been instantly alerted. Most, if not all, of the lives would have been saved. And as the word got out about schools being protected by security systems, shooters would think twice. Sure, there is the question of expense. But right now I can think of several million parents who would be happy to help pony up the money. And sure, there may be logistical problems with doing this. To which I say: So what?

Geoffery Moore