Fairlee Town Meeting 2013 Results


Number of Voters: 102

Number on Checklist: 738

Town Moderator: Bruce Taylor

Selectboard 1 yr: David Colby

Selectboard 3 yrs: Frank J. Barrett, Jr.

First Constable: Jason Bachus

Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Leon C. Marsh

Lister: Noël Walker

Auditor: Richard J. Walker

Budget Committee 1 yr: Lisa Hinsley

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Steve Bentley

Planning Commission 2 yrs: Anthony Gahagan

Planning Commission 4 yrs: Peter Berger

Planning Commission 4 yrs: Jason Crance

Cemetery Commissioner: Robert Edmands

Grand Juror 1 yr: William A. Dunnack, Jr.

Grand Juror 1 yr: Clyde C. Blake II

Town Agent: Horace Palmer

Library Trustee 4 yrs: Diane Church

Library Trustee 5 yrs: Steve Brown

Recreation Council 2 yrs: Jennifer Hallmartel

Recreation Council 3 yrs: Clyde C. Blake II

Recreation Council 4 yrs: Carol Colby

Recreation Council 5 yrs: Thomas Jaffarian


Longtime First Constable Calls It Quits in Fairlee 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fairlee — Leon C. Marsh Jr. borrowed lyrics from a country tune during Town Meeting yesterday as he wrapped up 481/2 years as the town’s first constable. “I’m going to smile and wave and sit back on a sack of seeds,” he told voters at the start of the meeting, paraphrasing the final lines from Jim Stafford’s Wildwood Weed. Voters …