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Letter: Perversity in Diversity

To the Editor:

How heartening to see that Dartmouth, the college that has come to symbolize diversity, has cut ties with Bishop James Tengatenga over his defense of the tenets of the Anglican Church (“Dartmouth Cuts Ties With Bishop Over Homosexuality Comments,” Aug. 16). What is diversity unless it is inclusive of all views — as long as the views are all the same? There can be no room for including differing thoughts. After all, that can lead to open minds and then who knows what.

Congratulations, Dartmouth, for championing diversity and inclusion by excluding freedom of speech.

Lincoln Kerney



College Cuts Ties With Bishop Over Homosexuality Comments

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hanover — An African bishop’s comments supporting the Anglican church’s opposition to homosexuality have cost him the position as the new dean of the Tucker Foundation. Bishop James Tengatenga was appointed dean of the Tucker Foundation, the spiritual hub on Dartmouth College’s campus, in July by a search committee, but almost immediately, comments Tengatenga had made against homosexuality that aligned …