Letter: Police Response Was Too Quick

To the Editor:

I was happy to see there were no injuries from the Emerson Place fire on Friday (“Lebanon Apartment Complex Evacuates After Fire,” June 22). I was returning to work from my lunch break on Friday, and I had just entered Mechanic Street from Maplefields heading toward Lebanon. I was shocked to be in the middle of a traffic situation that was very frightening. A police car was traveling at an extremely high speed. My view of the road was clear, and I could see cars pulling to the side of the road and the police car weaving back and forth to avoid the drivers. Then two other police followed similarly. I could only imagine there was a shooting taking place because of the speed of the police cars and potential danger to other drivers as they weaved through traffic. I am still amazed that the travelers on Mechanic Street did not panic or make a wrong move in the seconds they had to respond to the three police cars. Does responding to a fire warrant the police to put the citizens on Mechanic Street in harm’s way?

Stephanie Kalina



Lebanon Apartment Complex Evacuates After Fire

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lebanon — No one was injured after a small fire at downtown Lebanon’s Emerson Place apartment complex forced an evacuation of a majority of the residents in a four-story apartment building. A Lebanon Fire Department news release said the fire was “found to be accidental” but did not elaborate on the cause. Units from Hanover, Hartford and Enfield responded to …