Hartford Police: Men in Van Did Not Pose Threat to Kids

Hartford — Three men in a gray van who were reported to have either followed or watched children over the past few days did not have any criminal intent, police said yesterday.

“We are confident that although the three males ... may have been acting suspiciously, there was no risk to the young child who was involved in this incident,” police said in a statement, adding that all three were found and identified.

The incident in question occurred on Monday afternoon, when a female middle school student was walking in Wilder, and a nearby teacher reported seeing three men following her. The teacher pulled over to talk to the student as a deterrent, police said, after which the men left the area in the gray van.

The van was also seen on Thursday, police said, at Kilowatt Field in Wilder, where there were reports of a visible weapon. Police said yesterday that one suspect was only showing another a newly bought gun.

“All parties have been dealt with accordingly, and no further concerns are foreseen involving the reported gray van in the Hartford area,” police said in the release.

— Jon Wolper