Police Look Into Break-ins Along I-89

Newport — State police are investigating a string of break-ins early Monday morning from at least five convenience stores along the Interstate 89 corridor, but officials at two of the stores said that the perpetrators made away with almost nothing.

“He came in, tried to get what he wanted, and that didn’t happen,” said Jason Robie, manager at the Newport Jiffy Mart on Elm Street, also known as Route 103.

Security footage from around 3:30 a.m. showed a person wearing a camouflage backpack and tan leather boots entering the store, Robie said, apparently after forcing the lock.

Although the would-be burglar covered himself with a ski mask and gloves, the person looked male to Robie.

The alarm sounded immediately, and because the Jiffy Mart typically empties its register at night, he quickly left without finding anything, Robie said.

Police arrived minutes later, but the man was already gone. The store manager said he thought the would-be thief had a driver waiting outside.

Businesses in Hopkinton, N.H., Warner N.H., New London and Claremont suffered break-ins, according to a state police news release issued Monday. A store in Grantham said it was b urglarized as well.

Trooper Mica Jones, who is leading the investigation, was not available for comment during the day on Monday, but his supervisor, Sgt. Maurice Sampson, said that the break-ins could be connected.

“When you put the dots together, it looks like they may be,” Sampson said, but also noted that the case was still developing.

“You can’t rule anything out,” he said.

While the police look into the matter, businesses are largely keeping mum. Employees declined to comment on break-ins at Circle K in Grantham, Mr. Mike’s Mini Mart in Hopkinton, N.H., and another Circle K in Warner, N.H .

Bruce Bergeron, of Jake’s Market & Deli in New London, preferred to let the police fill in the details, but described an incident similar to the one at the Newport Jiffy Mart.

“The alarms went on, and they left virtually without anything,” he said.

The person broke in through the front door, but found only loose coins in the register, Bergeron said.

“We don’t keep a (lot) of money in our drawers, just for that reason,” said Eric Lincoln, who works at the store.

Both Bergeron and Robie said they were pleased with their businesses’ anti-theft measures during the attempted robberies.

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