Letter: The Boston-to-Montreal Corridor

To the Editor:

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard any mention of the so-called Boston-to-Montreal high-speed rail, as referred to in a recent letter on the sale of the old Lebanon Junior High. That concept, now abandoned even by rail fans, goes back to the early ’90s when Massachusetts politicians needed a reason not to add a runway to Logan Airport, which East Boston neighbors were fighting. A non-sequitur? Yes, but that’s all they could come up with. The “high-speed” was just marketing; the geography of the corridor precluded anything like European-style high-speed rail service. More recently, the New England rail plan envisions improvements from Boston west through Worcester to Springfield, with upgrades south from there through Hartford to New Haven. That makes good sense, since there are people down there, as opposed to around here.

With 50 miles now in year-round use, the Northern Rail Trail was recently named to the top 100 trails in the U.S. by the Rails to Trails Conservancy. A feature article will appear in the organization’s next publication, and can be viewed on its website now. Grafton and Merrimack counties never looked more beautiful.

Dick Mackay

Chair, Friends of the Northern Rail Trail, Grafton County