Bethel Town Meeting 2013 Results


Town Moderator: Eric Benson

Town Clerk: Jean Burnham

Town Treasurer: Jean Burnham

Selectboard: Carl Russell

Lister 3 yrs: Debra Leahy

Lister: James Gray

Grand Juror: Kent Batchelder

Town Agent: Debra Leahy

Trustee of Public Funds: Eric Benson

School Moderator: Eric Benson

School Treasurer: Jean Burnham

School Board Director: Tim Brennan


Bethel Ousts Chairman

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bethel — The turnover in this town’s leadership continued yesterday as a packed Town Meeting turned out an incumbent selectman for the second year in a row. Yesterday’s turnout of 305 voters was the highest in recent memory, and most were there to vote for Carl Russell, a forester and farmer with a long family history in Bethel. He defeated …