Letter: A Wind Power Scam?

To the Editor:

We recently got a flier in the mail saying if we chose to get 100 percent of our electricity from wind energy sources we could get a guaranteed 10 percent rate reduction for one year. How can this be? It seems like an impossibility. We need electricity 24/7, but the wind does not blow 24/7 at a rate that will produce electricity to power one home, let alone many. Not only do the winds not blow in New Hampshire at the needed speed 24/7, the power produced at the existing wind farms goes into the grid and is not separated out so one can choose wind, coal, nuclear or whatever. Unless you’re directly connected to the producing turbine, you can’t be sure of the source of that power. Also, because of the unreliability of wind, other sources of electrical power generation must continue to exist so that when the wind is not blowing, you still have the power in your home that you need. (By the way, when the wind is blowing at a viable rate to produce energy, these existing power plants must “turn down” the amount of power they’re sending to the grid to avoid overloading it. Very inefficient.)

So I’d like to know how electrical suppliers or co-ops can sell their customers or members 100 percent wind at a 10 percent savings. It sure smells like some sort of a scam to me. Might this be the work of wind farm proponents or companies trying to dupe people into “voting” on wind energy outside the ballot box? Is some corporation or lobbying group paying the suppliers and co-ops to cover their losses? With today’s awful economy and the folks around here needing to save money any way they can, I’m sure a lot of folks will sign up. Hopefully, people will hold off until they get answers to these questions.

Cindy Kudlik