Letter: Co-op Is a Great Place to Work

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my sincere distaste for the Jim Kenyon article depicting the Co-op Food Stores as an employer that doesn’t treat its staff well. That article was completely one-sided and very biased.

As an employee, I have access to the best health insurance policy that this town has to offer. It’s better than Dartmouth’s and DHMC’s. On top of that, we all receive bonuses and great dental, vision, life and short-term disability insurance. In addition to all of these amazing benefits, the Co-op pays almost 75 percent of my college tuition (a benefit for every full-time employee); that means I am receiving $1,600 every nine weeks on top of my pay to help in my educational costs.

The Co-op has been a compassionate employer, sending a floral arrangement to the funeral home when my mother died and a donation to the cancer center in her honor. My colleagues have embraced me into the fold of the Co-op community, encouraged me to earn a degree, always cheering me on, I have never felt more at home. We are a family here. Like every family, there can be disagreements and unhappiness from time to time. And, just like in a family, the Co-op believes in working through problems and issues to form deeper bonds. The open-book management style reflects its view that every employee shares a piece in the success of this company.

A few random people seem to be oblivious to all that we employees have. Instead of focusing selfishly at the tiny things they don’t have, they should focus on all the amazing things they do have. In all honesty, the Co-op far exceeds what other leading local companies offer. If they really think the grass is greener, they should find a new pasture. No workplace will ever provide 100 percent satisfaction for its employees.

April Stone