Letter: Princeton’s Bitter Loss

To the Editor:

The Dartmouth-Princeton game Nov. 23 was a thriller and a nail-biter, but Princeton had two defeats at Memorial Field on Saturday. The game was won by Dartmouth, and Princeton and Harvard share the Ivy title, but the second loss by Princeton was even greater. Princeton lost its grace. The Valley News story about the game pointed out that the Princeton’s quarterback, Quinn Epperly, could barely give the Big Green its due, focusing more on how his team “… didn’t execute well.” Bitterness was the victory meal that Epperly, defensive lineman Caraun Reid and Coach Bob Surace chose to eat at Memorial Field. No gracious words about the effort necessary by Dartmouth to defeat mighty Princeton, no gracious acceptance of that effort, while Princeton still gets to share in the Ivy Title.

I assume the players learned to be ungracious from Surace, who spent his time complaining about why there is a shared title. I am not sure how long the Ivy League has had the policy of a shared title, but my husband and I have been going to football games since 1992, and this is not news to me. Surace spent his time railing against a system, and not one word was said about how well Dartmouth played in the same snow as Princeton. The difference between “the Dartmouth way” and the Princeton way” is that their coach sets, to my thinking, a sad and quite negative example for his players — ungracious, whining and complaining about at shared title. I believe Coach Buddy Teevens would have done the complete opposite. Yes, he wants his guys to play hard, really hard on the field, but to be gentlemen when the whistle blows, even in defeat, because at Dartmouth we train his players for life, not just “W’s.”

Karen R. Blum



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