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Letter: Right Tool for the Right Job

Right Tool for the Right Job

To the Editor:

I agree with Michael A. Thibodeau’s point in his Feb. 3 letter, “A Rifle Is Just a Tool”: Do not blame a tool for the job it does. As he points out, we do not blame a car for dangerous results from its misuse. But, in fact, we do blame cars themselves in cases in which they are dangerous tools, and we have laws that prohibit the use of such cars on our roadways. We do not allow cars that are tools for racing on closed tracks by professional drivers. We also prohibit cars that lack the safety features that protect the driver (and passengers and those in other vehicles in an accident) such as air bags and seat belts.

This, then, provides a good model for guns. For example, .22 rifles are fine tools for family use at a local range; they may not be a tool to use for perhaps downing a wild elephant. We need a different tool for that, one that is not a proper tool for the local shooting range. Some guns and their bullet chambers have been designed as tools for killing people. No doubt, those guns may be appropriate for use in defined and limited conditions when fired by trained professionals.

As with cars, society benefits from laws that ensure a potentially dangerous tool is not available for use under any and all conditions.

Louis A. Kislik

West Lebanon


Letter: A Rifle Is Just a Tool

Friday, January 25, 2013

To the Editor: I cannot understand how some people can blame a tool for the job it does. I understand the feelings of loss that recent tragedies have inflicted on us — we are a caring nation — but to blame the tool instead of the person holding it is wrong. Do we blame the car when someone drinks and …