Letter: Unfair Attack on Mayor Tuttle

To the Editor:

The unpleasant editorial of May 7, “Silence Isn’t Golden,” eviscerating Lebanon Mayor Georgia Tuttle was both unfair and misguided.

In Lebanon, the mayor is constrained by our charter and by the rules adopted by the City Council. Every mayor must interpret those constraints and apply her own judgment to them. It is entirely appropriate for the mayor to refer matters to the city administration or to another councilor if, in her opinion, one of those people is better situated to address a question than she. It is entirely appropriate for the mayor to decline to comment on any issue if she feels she should. And it is entirely appropriate for the mayor (or any other councilor) to occasionally fail to reply to a reporter in time to suit the demands of the reporter’s job. The mayor, council, boards and committees in Lebanon are all staffed by volunteers — we have our own regular jobs and obligations, just like reporters.

Different Lebanon councils have re-elected Georgia Tuttle to five terms as mayor. This confirms the council’s continued confidence in her ethics, performance and capability. She has been an excellent colleague and mayor, and we are lucky that she has continued to volunteer to serve our community.

She does not deserve this petty and scathing attack from our local newspaper. We are disappointed in the Valley News.

The undersigned speak for themselves on this issue and not as representatives of council, board or other body of which they are a member.

Scott Pauls, Steven Wood, Carol Dustin, Erling Heisted, Nicole Cormen, Bruce Bronner, Suzanne Prentiss and Heather Vogel

Lebanon City Councilors

Denise MacLeod

Former city councilor


Editorial: Silence Isn’t Golden

Monday, May 6, 2013

To state the obvious, there’s something fundamentally flawed with the concept of a nonspeaking spokeswoman. In the case of Lebanon, that would be Mayor Georgia Tuttle, who is not always noncommunicative but often either avoids making comments or refers inquiries to the city manager when reporters have questions about city business. Tuttle rightly points out that Lebanon’s mayor should not …