Letter: Pomfret’s Downward Spiral

To the Editor:

I want to thank the voters of Pomfret who came out to support me at the special Town Meeting. I also would like to thank those who supported Mike Reese. Finally, I want to thank the 50 people who showed up for one reason alone — to vote against me. I enjoyed it. There are folks who like dictatorships.

I will point out that Pomfret has been in a downward spiral for about two years. We have wasted over $30,000 on computers. We have wasted thousands of dollars moving repeaters, just to move them back to where we started from. We have not maintained our equipment and now have to replace $186,000 trucks every five or six years with 35,000 miles on them because they’re worn-out junk. We have locked our auditors out of the computers and then the town office with absolutely no explanation and no minutes of any meeting where this may have been even remotely discussed. Folks, the list goes on.

We were told for two years that our town tractor was junk, so we could not mow with it — it needed $10,000 of repairs. The one thing I did for the town is that I fixed the tractor. Pomfret spent less than $400 on parts, and my labor was free. You would have spent $15,000 painting a roof that we are going to get replaced for around $13,000 with a 25- to 35-year warranty. Thank God I went to that meeting.

See you next time. In the meantime, watch your wallets.

Douglas J. Tuthill

West Hartford


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Thursday, November 7, 2013

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