Letter: Government Campaign on Waste

To the Editor:

I get a particular cowboy-boot-sized kick out of finding humorous irony in the pages of the Valley News. The front page of the Oct. 2 edition caught my full attention. The government is shut down, and there’s manure to be shoveled! Oh, boy; I can’t help myself on this one! I’ll just swing my rope over one of these dandy topics today: horse manure.

I cowgirled in the West. I’m highly qualified on the subject of road apples. In fact, I can rightfully claim the title of pooper-scooper extraordinaire. I have shoveled, scooped, raked and scraped more horse manure than the average person will see in a lifetime. I have cleaned up behind mules, ponies, draft horses, miniature burros and 80 head of horses.

In between scooping, I rode horses for a living — many horses, many trails, many hours in the saddle. And not once in all that time did I ever step down off a horse, whip out a shovel and a bag, and commence to clean the trail. Holy rodeo queen: The idea of it is plumb loco! I can see the headlines: “Horse Lights Out for Texas, Leaving Rider Holding the Bag.” Not to mention the likely bucking, rearing and general chaos of riders getting dragged through the trees. There’ll be a lot more rodeos on the trail with this idea, and they won’t all end pretty. That’s for certain, pard’.

So my idea is that maybe we could train the bears to clean up after the horses and themselves on the trails! Or maybe we could send shovels to Washington. Seems to me they know a thing or two about manure.

Nancy Chapman Elliott



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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Concord — State park officials got an earful yesterday afternoon from horse riders who fear proposed rule changes to trail riding will ruin their hobby — even the state of New Hampshire. “I understand a lot of people come from out of state to ride horses here in New Hampshire,” said Sen. David Boutin, R-Hooksett, who said he’s fielded complaints …