Letter: Experience the Beauty of Ballet

To the Editor:

The Upper Valley is blessed with a plethora and a full continuum of arts activities and opportunities — community as well as professional theater, choral offerings that rival those of any city, orchestral and band ensembles par excellence, and even a talented opera company. Lesser known to the general community is that we also host a ballet company that gives professional-quality performances. Many progressive communities have great musical and theatrical events, some even might have some opera events, but the crowning and not-so-common touch is a ballet company.

The Upper Valley has the City Center Ballet, which works with the Lebanon Ballet School under the leadership of Linda Copp and offers two to three wonderful performances each year. In September, it presented a reprise of one of the classic ballets, Giselle, and once again amazed the audience with memorable performances. Using professional lead artists backed by local young dancers from the Lebanon Ballet School, the overall performance was an exquisite opportunity to enjoy the best of ballet experiences.

The next chance to experience the beauty of ballet will be the December performances at the Lebanon Opera House of Clara’s Dream, containing key portions of the famed Nutcracker Suite ballet. Look for further information about these performances in the Valley News — and don’t miss it! Partake of the full range of artistic opportunities in the Upper Valley.

Philip Eller

Secretary, City Center Ballet Board of Directors