Letter: Article Promoted Inhumane Treatment

To the Editor:

I have been very heartened to see several letters condemning the article written by Henry Homeyer on his delight at watching animals performing in circuses. I would like to add to these condemnations the following comments.

First, although I have been a staunch supporter of the Valley News for 30 years, I am thoroughly shocked that this newspaper would print an article of this ilk, which thoughtlessly promotes the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.

Second, I would like to ask Mr. Homeyer a question. How would you like to spend the rest of your life in a cage (no gardening in one of those) and be hauled out on frequent occasions to perform often painful, always demeaning tricks in front of a loud and terrifying crowd of humans?

Third, to both the Valley News and Mr. Homeyer, I suggest you do some reading on the subject of sanctuaries that rescue circus animals. Some of the stories they tell are truly horrific. These compassionate people try to heal both the physical and emotional wounds of the animals and give them a safe and happy environment in which to end their days. I especially recommend visiting the website for The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee — http://www.elephants.com/

Rosalind E. Finn

South Strafford


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