Letter: People Need to Slow Down

To the Editor:

We are still smarting from our experience on July 4. We were headed through Woodstock to Plymouth, Vt., for a celebration at the Coolidge home. There were some cars coming toward us on a good stretch of road that was a straightaway when a mobile home trailer with a car hitched in the back, pulled out from behind us, and then another mobile home trailer followed.

The cars meeting them were right there! We slammed on brakes to avoid an accident, making a young motorcyclist have no choice but to pull out and squeeze in front of us. A foolhardy driver whose only thought was to get there at any price nearly caused a tragedy involving five vehicles and a motorcycle.

We hear and read a lot about Route 4 to Woodstock and beyond needing to be fixed. People need to slow down. Fixing the road and putting in rumble strips or anything else is just a poor way of trying to deal with immature driving. Yes, we stopped to report this incident to the sheriff parked by the way. What kind of example is being set for the younger generation?

Harold and Barbara Nielsen

White River Junction


Shumlin Lays Out Safety Measures for Route 4 Stretch

Friday, June 7, 2013

White River Junction — In response to three collisions on Route 4 that have claimed four lives since March, Gov. Peter Shumlin yesterday announced a series of safety measures for the state highway, including an immediate repaving and installation of rumble stripes and long-term plans to rebuild the road and perhaps redesign stretches away from the Ottauquechee River. The announcement, …