Letter: Enfield Fire Ward System Is Broken

To the Editor:

Enfield fire wards do not make out fire forest permits. This is done by state- approved fire wardens and deputy wardens.

My hat is off to Selectman Fred Cummings for identifying a problem and trying to solve it. The current fire ward system does not work in Enfield. Ask about 90 percent of the firefighters.

A fire ward is elected by the voters to help oversee the operations of the fire department, not just the budget. The wards’ job is to elect a fire chief, set up training, recruit new members and nominate qualified officers. This does not happen.

This system does not work if the chief and assistant chief are wards. They answer to no one. So when you vote on this issue, remember this is not a popularity issue. It’s about the personal safety of firefighters and the welfare of the community. Please vote with 99 percent of fire department personnel to change this system. Let your conscience decide what is right and wrong.

Robert Pollard

Assistant Fire Chief