Letter: Standing Up for Woodstock Teachers

To the Editor:

On Wednesday of this past week, the students and teachers at Woodstock Union High School received shocking news that shook us to the core as a small community and family within the walls of our school. We learned that some of our favorite and most esteemed teachers are in danger of being laid off or having compensation cut because the school board is facing a lack of funds. One of these teachers was given the great honor of receiving the Teacher of the Year award, and now she is being rewarded for her efforts and dedication to us, her students, by potentially losing her job.

We as a family within the walls of our school are choosing to stand up for these teachers. We all understand that the board is struggling with the budget, but isn’t the board’s job to provide us a good education? The youngest teachers, the ones who may be laid off, are more than just teachers to us. In our small community, they are friends, counselors, shoulders to cry on, and people to share our greatest triumphs with as they watch us grow into young men and women. It is understandable that cuts must be made; however, we wish to spread the word about the teacher layoffs at WUHS to raise awareness. Students are planning to make an appearance at the School Board meeting tonight at 7. Help us spread the word and show support for our teachers.

Maya Gonzalez

Woodstock Union High School Student