Letter: Moving From Fighting to Fixing

To the Editor:

Wise governance is what we expect in return for what we pay our members of Congress, right? Yet too much time and blather has been squandered on a partial solution to the fiscal cliff crisis while postponing resolution of deficit elimination through taxation, spending cuts and economic stimulation. This is not wise.

The continuing hullabaloo about fiscal reform pre-empts congressional debate on so many important issues — the environment, economic development, education, etc.

Consequently, I will be attending the Meeting to Make America Work on Jan. 14 in New York City, where a large group of us will brainstorm actions to stop the fighting and start fixing our legislative process, and I will report the best practices that we (yes, you and me) can employ.

We (you and me, again) are the solution. Our grassroots power can pressure our officials to craft laws and a budget that reflect our nation’s values — not political agendas.

In the meantime, learn about this nonpartisan organization at www.NoLabels.org.

Judy Wallick