Letter: Unalienable Right of Self-Defense

To the Editor:

No amount of mental health screening and no amount of gun control — even confiscation — will stop mass killings. Recently, in separate incidents in China, where firearms ownership is prohibited, more than 100 schoolchildren have been killed or wounded by murderers using knives, meat cleavers and matches and gasoline.

Honest cops tell us that our first line of defense against violence will always be ourselves. Because police have no constitutional obligation to protect anyone, the recent Newtown horror once again instructs us that to improve public safety, and to ensure the protection of ourselves and our families, each of us must rediscover, understand and be able to plan and act upon our own individual and unalienable right of self-defense.

On Jan. 2, the opening day of New Hampshire’s 2113-2014 legislative session, the New Hampshire House will vote on whether to adopt newly proposed House Rule 63. House Rule 63 would ban deadly weapons from Representatives Hall and its immediate surroundings. Democratic leadership in the new House majority wants to disarm all those whom we have elected to represent us.

Before dutifully obeying their leaders and voting to adopt new Rule 63, Democratic members might first pause to consider that killing sprees worldwide have taken place primarily in gun-free zones — on gun-free campuses, in gun-free parks, in gun-free theaters, in gun-free malls, in gun-free government buildings, on gun-free islands and in gun-free schools. Democratic members need to fully understand that the message their leaders would convey from a gun-free House of Representatives to the worst of the sociopaths living among us, is, “We’re defenseless; come and kill us.”

Paul Mirski

Enfield Center


Letter: Keeping Lawmakers Safe

Monday, December 31, 2012

To the Editor: In December, two years ago, the ban on carrying a gun in the New Hampshire Legislature was lifted. Since then, the worst of the sociopaths living among us were apparently deterred from a mass shooting by knowing that legislators were not defenseless and were not, in effect, saying, “Come and kill us.” Now, Paul Mirski, a former …