Letter: Push Back Against Casino Interests

To the Editor:

The persistence in New Hampshire of casino interests and their lobbyists and supporters is impressive and speaks to the huge profits they anticipate. It is important for those of us concerned about the welfare of our fellows (and ourselves) to keep speaking up.

The latest proposal can be read at www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2014/SB0366.pdf. It uses the word “gaming” in place of gambling. Gaming for money is gambling, and money is what this is all about.

Gambling carries the potential for addiction.

Furthermore, casinos are generally accompanied by other problems and dangers. Careful regulation may sound good, but our current struggles with increasing drug traffic and addictions are evidence that regulation is not enough.

There is no excuse to invite dangerous operations into our midst. Even if there might be a net dollar benefit, our social welfare must not be for sale.

I encourage everyone to speak up, contact your legislators, write letters, talk with your friends and neighbors. Keep speaking up and writing letters, because the casino interests are not going to stop pushing.

Amelia Sereen