Letter: No More Extras for Lebanon Schools

To the Editor:

I urge all Lebanon voters to make your voice heard on March 11.

Vote “No” on Article 3, which asks that voters approve $163,000 to hire two elementary foreign language teachers. Recent NECAP scores indicate that many Lebanon students lack proficiency in English. This needs to be addressed sufficiently before additional money is allocated for foreign language study. The teaching of English should be our priority.

Vote “No” on Article 4, which asks voters to approve an additional $79,000 to hire a math specialist for elementary schools. During the past decade, math instruction has been a primary focus of the Lebanon School District. New programs have been adopted and teachers have received extensive staff development in math instruction. We pay our administrators well. Isn’t it their job to ensure that teachers provide the very best math instruction?

School enrollment is declining, yet the budget continues to rise. The economy is stagnant and many of us are living on fixed incomes or without jobs. This is not the time for unjustified extras.

Jacqueline Minard