Letter: Pizza Courtesy of Hartford Taxpayers

To the Editor:

To some, this may sound trivial. But the bottom line is that Hartford residents should be made aware of a decision several weeks ago by the Selectboard to use taxpayers’ money to purchase pizza for themselves prior to meetings.

When you decide to run for a position on the Selectboard, you run out of civic duty. Yes, you have a job. Having to run between your job and the board meeting is a crunch at times. We all have been there. But to decide to take money from taxpaying residents to buy dinner because you are running from a job to a Selectboard meeting is not civic duty, however.

So, if the Selectboard continued to do this year-round, for 35-plus meetings at $20 per meeting, it would add up to about $700 a year. In the grand scheme of things, $700 is not a lot of money compared with a several-million-dollar budget. But $700 is the price of someone’s property tax. That members of the Hartford Selectboard decide to purchase pizza for themselves without the full consent of taxpaying residents leaves a sour taste.

Selectboard members have a thankless job. Thank you for fulfilling your civic duty. But think before you decide to spend taxpayers’ money.

Mike Scelza