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Letter: Dick Grassi Has Experience

To the Editor:

As we get ready to welcome spring, our attentions turn local elections. It is this latter that brings me to endorse the candidacy of Richard “Dick” Grassi for the three-year seat on the Hartford Board of Selectmen.

I first met Dick back in the late ’80s, when we served as members of the Hartford School Board. His tenure on that board ran from 1985-1992, with his final three years as chairman or co-chairman. During our time on the School Board together, Dick demonstrated great leadership skills as well as being very open minded on all of the many issues that come under the umbrella of local school district governance. While he carried strong convictions and thoughtfully supported what he thought was right, he was always respectful of those who had different opinions and listened to everyone, actively seeking their input. His collaborative style led to a lot being accomplished during his tenure.

He later served on the Hartford Selectboard for 11 years, from 1995-2001 and again from 2003-2008, with a number of years served as board chairman. He continued to exhibit the same strengths in that position that he had shown during his School Board days. He is a good listener and truly values other people’s opinions and perspectives. He has always shown great common sense when dealing with sometimes very complex issues. He knows that there is a fine balance in the budget and funding processes to do the things necessary to operate effectively and efficiently but also keeping in mind the realities of how much taxpayers can absorb with the ever-increasing costs of running our town.

Besides his board experiences, Dick has given the town many years of service as a youth sports coach and most recently has been helping his son Jarrod over the past 15 years as an assistant baseball coach at Hartford High. He also has served as a justice of the peace and member of the Hartford Board of Civil Authority the last six years.

Dick brings great experience, open-mindedness and love of community to the table. Please join me in supporting him for the good of Hartford.

Kevin J. Raleigh