Letter: New Leadership for Long River Studios?

To the Editor:

On behalf of the artists, artisans and authors of Long River Studios, we wish to extend many thanks to the past and present partners of Long River Studios in Lyme. Their tremendous gift of hard work to enrich the arts culture of the Upper Valley for over two decades is truly appreciated.

On Feb. 15, a decision will be made to either continue under new leadership or close Long River Studios. Long River Studios, located on the Green in Lyme, is a venue for about 100 artists, artisans and authors from the Upper Valley to exhibit and sell their works. LRS has been run as a partnership for 22 years as a labor of love. In their usual generous spirit, the current partners are now offering to hand over the reins of this well-loved and respected enterprise.

Nadia Gorman, Greg Gorman and I have offered to be points of contact for anyone interested in assuming the leadership of Long River Studios. If you are interested, please contact one of us by email: greggorman@hotmail.com; bderrickart@comcast.net; nadia.gorman@dartmouth.edu.

Betsy Derrick