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Letter: Lebanon Parents to Meet Jan. 29

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff writer Alex Hanson for his fine article Dec. 17 (“A Call for Better Teaching in Lebanon”) concerning the Lebanon Parents Association. Alex met with Iris Mok, Anthony Arcone and me for well over an hour, and took many pages of notes in that meeting. His article was not only well written, it was fair and balanced. His written descriptions of the main points concerning educational issues at Lebanon High School were right on the mark. I would also like to thank the Valley News for its fair and informative editorial on Dec. 31. Both of these pieces will, I am sure, contribute to the betterment of educational quality at LHS.

I would like to also thank a fourth parent, a mom, who met with us and Lebanon High School administrators on July 9, 2013. That meeting, held during the summer months, was long and cordial, and, I believe, will be seen as bearing fruit this school year.

It is important for me to say how pleased I am that Iris and Anthony stood up for the students at LHS. We represented well over a dozen parents who spoke with us about educational quality at LHS last school year. I have in my files the testimonials of all of these parents, and the vast majority were stated with gravity and ardent feelings.

The next meeting of the Lebanon Parents Association will be on Wednesday Jan. 29 at 7 p.m., at the Kilton Library. Interested parents should call me at (603) 643-3609 if they would like more information about the LPA. I may also be reached at, with the subject line “Lebanon Parents Association.” I would like to state here again, as I have at every meeting and interview: The clear majority of teachers at LHS are either good, very good, or are excellent. All of us believe this to be true. We hope this school year to avoid the truly egregious problems that became evident last year. The LPA is committed to working with LHS administrators to make sure all students receive excellent teaching in each class every day.

Lou Maresca

Lebanon Parents Association

West Lebanon


A Call for Better Teaching at Lebanon High School

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It isn’t unusual for parents to express concerns about a teacher or a particular class at Lebanon High School, administrators there said. But it is uncommon for a group of parents to press for improvements to teaching. Such a group has emerged, a small group of parents who are decrying what they see as substandard teaching at the high school …