Letter: Romney’s Gifts to Voters

To the Editor:

I sure hope the Republicans will stop their whining, their rewriting of history, and their blame game, recently reinforced by Governor Romney who claims he lost the election because of the “gifts” Obama gave to the electorate. These so called gifts included Affordable Care Act protections, easing student loan pressures, and letting immigrant kids stay in the country to continue their education. Remarkably, Romney and the typical Fox News pundits appear in a state of denial regarding the “gifts” Romney gave to voters that made their choice to re-elect President Obama a no-brainer. The Romney “gifts” included his 47 percent statement, his refusal to reveal his tax returns over the past 10 years, his choice of Paul Ryan, the Darth Vader of trickle down economics as a running mate, his movement from right wing to moderate stances, and the many untruths he made in speeches and debates such as Chrysler moving portions of their Jeep business to China. Clearly, the Obama gifts sent a message that he cares about people young and old, and that did resonate with the electorate.

So folks, regardless of party, let’s take in a deep breath of reality and move forward. As the president said, we’re all in this together!

Porter Miller