Letter: Terminate the Assassin ‘Game’

To the Editor:

In catching up with my Valley News papers after a recent trip, I was appalled at the May 3 front-page article regarding “annual spring assassin game” carried on in the Upper Valley by teenagers. After the shooting tragedies in schools and elsewhere over the past year, I find it unimaginable and unconscionable that parents would allow this so-called “game” to continue. Is their goal to train the teenagers in their families to become mass killers? It certainly seems that way to me. Hunting wild game is one thing; even make-believe “people hunting” is horrific beyond belief. Please put an end to this potentially murderous annual “game.”

Lorraine Zigman



Teens Loose in the Upper Valley; Annual Spring Assassin Game Raises Safety Concerns

Thursday, May 2, 2013

U.S. Presidents enjoy the advance work and protective efforts of the Secret Service. Lebanon High senior Jeff Taylor has his kid brother, Jack. During several mornings earlier this week, Jeff Taylor dispatched his sibling from their Meriden home to see if anyone was lying in wait: Specifically, Taylor’s classmates who are participating in the annual senior class game known as …