Letter: Gentle Corrections

Gentle Corrections

To the Editor:

There were two items in the May 17 edition of the Valley News that I think require a bit of exploration.

The Forum featured a shrill and absolutist letter about dogs left in cars (“Cars Are Death Traps for Dogs”). As a dog lover myself, I have a great deal of sympathy for the sentiment that cars can get dangerously hot surprisingly quickly, leading to the accidental discomfort and even death of canines. But the idea that no dog can ever be left in a car for any length of time is impractical. The letter insists that any dog left in a car is cause to notify the constabulary immediately. If this were true, then we in Norwich would require a large and permanent police presence at Dan & Whit’s, the parking lot of which has hosted countless pooches whiling away brief automotive visits unattended in the shade without complaint or injury. These supposed victims are generally much happier accompanying their human companions, usually on some sort of dog-oriented excursion, than they would be at home working glaze-eyed through their Netflix queue. I would advise using common sense to judge these situations rather than rigid dogma.

In the Real Estate section of the same issue was an advertisement for an enticing property labeled prominently as a “Vermont country estate.” It is my understanding that there is a great deal of value attributed to the attachment of “Vermont” to a commercial item. Cabot Creameries, among others, has felt the sting of the legal whip when claims of Vermont origin are stretched to the breaking point. To avoid such unpleasantness I would recommend that the sellers of the “Vermont country estate” either find a new title for their advertisement or relocate the whole property across the river from its actual address, which is (according to the same ad) in Lyme, N.H.

Tom Summerall