Letter: Quechee Highlands Is a Win-Win

To the Editor:

This letter is written in support of Scott Milne and his proposed Quechee Highlands project (Perspectives Aug. 11). Mr. Milne worked with the Town of Hartford and earned its support and approval for a 130,000-square-foot commercial and residential village near Exit 1 on Interstate 89. It is very disappointing that the District 3 Environmental Commission would deny the project after the local governing bodies in Hartford had approved the development — especially without providing specific details and suggestions to earn their approval. Two Rivers- Ottauquechee Regional Commission should be supporting and working with the people who are trying to bring business into Vermont — not working against them. Hartford has the opportunity for a win-win situation for both the town and the developer — a $30 million project that could bring more than 300 jobs to the area. Although I am not a lawyer, I am a taxpayer in Hartford, and I feel we need to support the Town of Hartford and Mr. Milne as he moves forward with his appeal of the decision.

Harold B. Wright

White River Junction


Column: More Than a Project Is at Stake in Quechee

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quechee All who care about Vermont’s future, fairness in government and how communities settle disputes should pay heed to what is happening a few miles from the Connecticut River at Quechee Highlands. Quechee Highlands is a proposed 130,000-square-foot commercial and residential village at Exit 1 on Interstate 89 in Hartford. The District 3 Environmental Commission, a part of Vermont’s Agency …