Letter: Hartford Schools Need a Strategic Plan

To the Editor:

Have you noticed how Hartford Schools drift into hidden obstacles like a ship adrift? Unfortunately folks, the obstacles are not and were not hidden. Hartford School Board clearly knows we have dropping enrollments, maintenance issues (such as White River elementary school roof and gym; middle school roof and music room; heating and lighting), and increased administrative costs. With declining enrollment, Hartford has three elementary schools with fewer than 250 students each. Yet Hartford schools lack a strategic plan. The board has not shared its insight on balancing high-quality education with the fairest cost to the taxpayer. Voters are asked to approve greater spending without a strategic plan.

Money will be spent, then we will be told we cannot consolidate a school as we just spent millions rehabilitating the structure. Vote “No” on school spending until the Hartford School Board presents a strategic plan with performance results (which have been good) and budget projections.

Harvey Bazarian