Lyme Town Meeting 2014 Results


Number of Voters: 394

Number on Checklist: 1,324

Town Moderator: Kevin Peterson

Selectboard: Patricia G. Jenks

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Judith Lee Shelnutt Brotman

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Greg Lange

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Phil Barta

Cemetery Trustee: Laurel Ross

Library Trustee 3 yrs: Audrey Brown

Library Trustee 3 yrs: Nancy Elizabeth Grandine

Library Trustee 3 yrs: Margaret Rose Minnock

Library Trustee 1 yr: Daniel Parish

Overseer of Public Welfare: Nancy Elizabeth Grandine

Planning Board 3 yrs: Timothy Cook

Supervisor of the Checklist: Alan R. Greatorex

Road Agent: Fred O. Stearns III

Trustee of Trust Funds: Margaret Bowles

School Moderator: Bill Waste

School District Treasurer: Dina Cutting

School District Clerk: Elise Garrity

School Board 3 yrs: Paul Mayo

School Board 3 yrs: Steven Toulmin


Lyme Voters OK $2 Million Budget

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lyme — Without comments or questions, about 150 voters at Town Meeting unanimously approved a $2 million town operating budget for the fiscal year that began Jan. 1. The budget is 2.1 percent, or $41,000, higher than the 2013 spending plan and is not expected to affect Lyme’s municipal property tax rate of $6.05 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. Until …