Letter: A Real Loss in Fairlee

To the Editor:

If you drive down Main Street in Fairlee, you can’t help but feel a sense of sadness as you look at the empty building on the corner of Bridge Street. Not long ago, the building was a place where many gathered in the morning. Some stopped for a quick fuel up on their way to work, others for a place to drink a cup of coffee, scratch lottery tickets and discuss the local happenings. If you wanted to keep abreast of the local news (true or not), it was the place to find out. It was a place where busy moms on their way home from work would stop for a pizza and a much-needed jug of milk. It was a place where everyone was known by name, and you could be trusted to fill your vehicle with gas, without having to pay first.

Now the building sits empty. I guess most of us have found new venues to make our daily purchases, but I wonder how many have found a new place to gather, enjoy each other’s company and tell a story or two over a cup of coffee.

Karen LaBombard