Letter: Whaleback Needs Your Support

To the Editor:

As Upper Valley residents for well over 15 years, our family has enjoyed many of the region’s wonderful offerings — none more, however, than our time spent at Whaleback Mountain. Collectively, we have had the opportunity to enjoy Whaleback as skiers, parents, volunteers, a coach and a board member.

Since the winter of 2006, we have been involved as a ski coach through the Mountain School, and as volunteers in the Minicore ski program offered by the Whaleback Mountain Club. We’ve had the pleasure of working with both “never-evers” new to skiing, and older skiers returning to the sport. Our own children have had the opportunity to begin skiing at the age of 3, and we’ve seen them develop into great skiers who are passionate about their sport. Whaleback is a unique skiing and riding area for its diversity of terrain and easy access for the community. The variety of terrain offers both the beginner and seasoned athletes the opportunity to challenge themselves and to grow within their sport. The hometown atmosphere has been welcoming to local residents and travelers alike. Whaleback has become a fixture in the community by offering accessible and affordable after-school programs and ski-training facilities for the Upper Valley and beyond.

On a personal level, Whaleback provided an atmosphere where families came together for the love of skiing and riding. During our time at Whaleback, our family developed a sense of community where friendships flourished, children bonded and the love of snow sports was embraced.

We are proud to say that our children had the opportunity to meet, ski with and learn from Olympians in their own backyard. Now more than ever, it is imperative that the broader community commit to keep this valuable resource thriving for generations to come. Please visit www.whaleback.com today and show your support for this invaluable local asset.

Jamie and Cathy Bean

Members, Whaleback Mountain Club