Letter: Seeking Supplies for the Homeless

To the Editor:

It’s been a while since I sent out an appeal. Silent Warriors is going well, helping homeless citizens get set up with gear. It has been awesome to have the supply that Upper Valley residents have generously donated.

I’m starting to gather the items needed for the cold weather. The items that are needed: crackers, trail mix, raisins, nuts, granola and cereal bars, pop-top pudding cups and fruit cups, juice box drinks, small boxes of cereal, Dinty Moore products (or that type), Chef Boyardee (or that type), Campbell’s Soup at Hand (or similar), plastic utensils and napkins. I cannot use food in glass containers or cans that need openers

I am also in desperate need of razors, tarps, lighters and bug repellent, and I’m always collecting personal hygiene products, sleeping bags, tents, underpads and ponchos.

Whenever I have filled a need of one of these citizens, I have been given a teary hug. They so much appreciate knowing that someone cares, and I remind them that it’s the Upper Valley that has responded and that I am only the means for collecting and bringing them supplies. I only wish that donors realized how special they are to those who receive their help.

I am getting a mass mailing together that will be sent to local businesses looking for financial support, even amounts as small as $15, in hopes that I can better support this project. After mailing personal thank-you notes for over 280 sleeping bags and buying gas, this one-woman show is running low on cash.

I approached one large business in the Upper Valley, and a representative suggested I was just duplicating what Listen and the Haven do. Perhaps my appeals letter didn’t do a good job of explaining my mission, so if anyone wants to take on this project and write a letter on my behalf, let’s say I won’t refuse.

As always, you can contact me by calling me on my cell phone at 603-504-5432 or emailing me at mckinley5@hotmail.com.

Bev McKinley