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Letter: Threats Shouldn’t Be Ignored

To the Editor:

Every generation seems fond of urging its youth to get out to there and change the world. Recently a small group of Dartmouth student protesters tried to do their bit and received for their activism death threats and racist insults by haters who remain anonymous via a private forum exclusive to Dartmouth students. In one post, the writer lamented not having had a shotgun at the protest for blowing away hippies.

That’s a serious threat, and one that I doubt any sane American would shrug off these days.

In response to the online comments, college officials cancelled most classes for a day to convene “teach-ins” and meetings. That was good move number 1. Now, Dartmouth needs to find the authors of the “Bored at Baker” poison and cancel their status as matriculated students.

Carolyn M. Bardos



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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hanover — The last time Dartmouth College canceled classes for non-weather-related purposes was in 1986, after the destruction of the anti-Apartheid “shanty town” on the green. Yesterday, it was social unrest once again that led college administrators to call on students to take a time-out. “Lots of people have been asking me why, why today,” interim President Carol Folt said …