Windsor Student’s Letter Causes Worry in District

Windsor — Administrators at Windsor Junior High School are investigating a letter written by a student and distributed to peers about bullying.

While Principal Michael Kell said the letter wasn’t a threat, it was disturbing enough to upset other students and their parents, and Kell notified the Windsor Police Department about the letter.

Kell wouldn’t provide a copy of the letter, but described the note as a factual letter about how it feels to be bullied in school. The author of the letter then distributed the note to fellow classmates on Friday. Kell said he didn’t know how many students received the letter.

Kell added that the letter might have been a student’s way of therapeutically handling being bullied.

“It’s one young person’s way of working through feelings of being bullied,” Kell said. “While there are reactions to it, I think that it appears to be a positive way in which to express feelings.”

Windsor Police Chief Stephen Soares said Kell contacted him because he wanted the police department to know that the school was dealing with an “out of the ordinary letter” and to be on alert in case the police department received a notification from a parent.

Kell added that he does not believe the student who wrote the letter was threatening to harm him-or-herself or any other students at the school. Kell would not comment on whether the author of the letter received disciplinary action.

The school is pulling together support systems to assist the author of the letter, as well as recipients, Kell said, and part of the administration’s investigation is to realize the intent of the letter.

e_SRit— Sarah Brubeck